Words and Music © Bill Dobbins
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She was born in the state of Carolina
And she took that name for her own.
She grew wild and free like the flowers in the meadow
And she won the heart of me.

Sweet, sweet Carolina,
Sweet as any flower that grows.
You know that I’m longing to see once again,
That sweet Carolina of my dreams.

Her eyes were bright as a dew drop,
Her laugh was soft as the rain.
It felt like fire every time that she would touch me.
And my heart would burn the same.

We walked hand in hand in the sunshine,
We kissed with the moon shining bright.
I held her in my arms to protect her from the thunder
And there seemed to be thunder every night.


I said goodbye to Carolina
Fortune and fame for to find.
Though I searched all the earth
From the mountains to the ocean,
Carolina was always on my mind.

Now I’m going back to Carolina
My wandering days are at an end.
Time will go by and we’ll grow old together
And I never will leave her again.