Words and Music © Bill Dobbins
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In the early mist of morning
The stars will soon begin to fade
And the Sun will light the morning
On the eastern slope of the plain.

In the last hours of darkness
The earth lies cold and gray
We wait for the light of sunrise
For the sun will bring the day.

We stand in the circle
And watch the great sun rise
We spread our arms in homage
It’s Golden light in our eyes.

On a midsummer’s morning
The sunrises in my window
And the window becomes a doorway
And the light lets in life.

The grass grows green in the summer
And the children laugh upon the hill:
Thank the sun in my window
Thank the moon above my roof.

We men have not the power
To vanquish the darkness on our own
We put our faith in the sunshine
And light it’s path with stone.

On a midsummer’s morning
When all is silent on the plain
The sun will know our passing
For we’ve marked our grave with stone