The People in My Town
Words and music © Bill Dobbins
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‘Bout time I packed up my bag.
I bought a ticket with all the money I had .
I’ll leave the city behind.
Leave my hotel room with all the worries
I had on my mind.

I wrote a letter and mailed it today.
Told her I thought I’d be travelin’ her way.
And if she’s willin’ this time I’ll be here to stay.

The people in my town
Never will ask where I’ve been.
But there is a girl who’ll believe when I tell her
I’ll never leave her again.

My train is leavin’ at five,
Ten hours ridin’ and me and my hopes will arrive.
I’ll take my bag in my hand,
My girl will be watin’ but not like I planned
With the Mayor and a brass band.

She’ll throw her arms ‘round me and kiss me the way
I dreamed about nights in the cities I’ve stayed.
And keep me from missin’ the end of the plans that I’ve made.


I’ll get a job in the town.
So many old friends and so many things to live down.
We won’t have money enough,
The girl that I marry will know that her man has been
Just down on his luck.

But I’d better move before I think again
About all the dreams I had that might have been.
I’ll get on that train because my ship has never come in.