I Never Found The Words
Words and music © Bill Dobbins
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I don’t know the reason why I never told you all I wanted to Say.
I’ve kept it locked inside of me.
And all the dreams I’ve built on clouds have withered away.

Strangers who pass me know all,
I believe they don’t have to ask me to know who I love
And when I am with you I never find the words.

It’s a funny feelin’
to watch the words I put on winds, as they blow away
And those that catch the meaning
Won’t know the words I saved from those I never could say.

Though you are yearning for someone to love,
You have no memories of love that went wrong
And when I’m with you I never find the words.

You know I live alone now,
The words I put on paper aren’t meant for your eyes
I keep them for a stranger
And she won’t know the face behind hello’s and goodbye’s

Singers are something to help pass the time,
Inside the feeling you get from a song.
Sung by a man who has never found the words.