The Man Who Killed Love
Words and music © Bill Dobbins
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You sit at home alone, three O’clock has come and gone,
A light still burns in your window but you can’t sleep,
A voice keeps calling his name out,
calling the name of the man that left you hear to weep.

And the man who killed love didn’t know what he was doing,
He only thought he was being strong.
The man who killed love never meant to harm you,
No one ever told him killing was wrong.
Now he’s wanted for killing love, that’s all.

A child had died that night, a woman born with a light.
A new day drives out the memories of what had been.
Your heart may wear a black ribbon, all that is left to remind you,
That you once cared for him.


And I never thought I would regret the day I left you,
Packed my bags and said goodbye and walked out that door.
But empty rooms and quiet nights when once you’d hold me make me stop and wonder what I think I’m living for.
And now I find I wished I’d changed my mind.

And I never thought I would miss the love you gave me,
Knowing all the while that I would walk out someday.
But you can’t free my holding back what I’ve been feeling,
I’ll live my life in empty rooms and one man parades.
And now I find I wish I’d changed my mind.