Long Hard Winter
Words and music © Bill Dobbins
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The little girl sells matches on the corner of the street.
She lights a flame to help forget there’s nothing left to eat.
The match can’t hold a candle to a burning summer sun.
Been a long hard winter and the bad times just begun

You reach out in December and no one will take your hand
You walk the streets in silence when there’s snow upon the land.
Broken trees lay on the ground because they would not bend
Been a long hard winter and no sign that it will end.

It’s been a long hard winter,
Darkness falls at noon.
Don’t know if I can make it,
If the spring don’t get here soon.

The Eskimos they learn somehow to live inside the snow
And light a fire to warm the home that other’s never know.
Some men learn to love a land where other men have died.
It's been a long hard winter and no more use to try.

The orphan stands outside the glass where ladies bake their bread
The streets he calls his kingdom, the alley is his bed.
Lovers sometimes hear his voice and have the grace to cry.
It's een a long hard winter and it’s getting cold outside.