Bright Lights and Sweet Talk
Words and music © Bill Dobbins
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Back home where I was born and raised
We lived a simple way.
A girl grew up and found a man
And heard the preacher say:
Do you take this man to be your own and cherish him for life.
To raise his kids and keep his house
And be his lovin’ wife.

Bright lights and sweet talk never helped a girl to heaven.
Honky tonk bars and steel guitars
Can pave the way to sin.
Bright lights and sweet talk
Never helped a girl to heaven.
A drinkin’ and a gamblin’ man
Is here then gone tomorrow

But when those summer nights get long
A girl can stray from home.
The bright lights of some old road house
Can tempt a girl to roam.
The wine is fine, the men are smooth,
The music’s load and clear.
But when she wakes next mornin’
There’s no telling who’ll be near.


A small town is a simple place
To make your life your own.
A girl can fight temptation
Just by stayin’ close to home.
But city lights can blind your eyes
And lead your thoughts to stray
And whispered promises by night
Don’t make a weddin’ day.