I’ve Been Alone Before
Words and music © Bill Dobbins
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When I was young and full of fire,
I left my home to chase the world,
It’s circles sent me spinning on my way.
Through soaring clouds of soft confusion,
Iron rails to tie me down,
Never can believe what people say.

But I’ve been alone before,
I’ve been left on my own before
I lost all I had and started again.
I can do it one more time, do it one more time

The house she lived in wasn’t pretty,
A dirty town that lived by coal
The river and the railroad passed it by.
She wanted things I couldn’t give her,
A place to stop and settle down
It hurt me that I couldn’t tell her why.


I got a job in New York City,
The subway took me there and home
There seemed to be no line between from right to wrong.
The people had their rules to follow,
A chance to catch the pot of gold
I knew no one would miss me when I’m gone.